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  • Prayas Punvarsan
  • Rising Again
  • Holding Hands
  • Samaj Savani
  • Prayas

Books Published By SAVA

  • Jalstrav Vistar Vikas Karyakramni Margdarsika
  • Nanakiy Hisab Lekhanni Margdarsika
  • Jalstrav Vistar Vikas Karyakramni Sabhasad Register
  • SHG Rachna ane Vikas Mateni Margdarsika
  • Swa Sahay Juth Register
  • Khedutone Vahala Aena Khetar na Kadhiya

Welcome to SAVA

Since 1995 Saurashtra Voluntary Actions (SAVA) has been working to find long term and permanent solutions for the issues of poverty and deprivation.
In Saurashtra region it has adopted a strategy of setting up people’s organizations at village level that can inspire people to be self-reliant. The organization had started its operations in three blocks of Jamnagar district. The first phase of grounding and self-image creation was ended in initial five years.

After the earthquake of 2001 SAVA decided to focus on disaster preparedness and also to expand its area of operation in remaining blocks of Jamnagar district. SAVA believes in long term strategic plan to design its interventions. Such an exercise was done in 2011 when it has completed 15 years of its work in Saurashtra. A five strategic plan was prepared for 2011 to 2015.

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Award Won

Gram Vikas Paritoshik 2003
SAVA as an organisazation was selected for his prestigious award for year 2003. Trophy & Rs. 50,000 were handed to SAVA team from Dr. Abid Hussein(Ex. High Commissioner USA) on 21/02/2004.